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Our Story

We specialize in each and every need relating to environment design and trade-show industry. Custom design to install, show-site management to logistics, we’ve got it covered.

Who We Are

Communication, collaboration, even ground. Not only is that where every client’s journey begins with us, but that’s also where our internal journey begins. Collective modesty, not individual egos. We’re all here to attain a common goal; self-accomplishment. This goal is met only through a community of hard work, dedication, and humility. Together, we are RISE.

Our People

We share the goals of progression and accomplishment at RISE. We achieve these goals through our people. The personal attitudes, aspirations, and efforts that make us fall under one name, puts us where we are today. Our success is owed to the individuals that comprise us. The people of RISE, that’s our secret, that’s our staple.

The RISE Process

RISE is driven by its process. We have developed over 200 pages of process documentation that governs everything we do, from design initiation to on-site checklists. Every position in our company is defined and all critical tasks have built in checks, across positions, to ensure accuracy and client expectation.

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