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Captivate your audience and elevate your brand to new heights with large custom trade show exhibits and displays from the team at RISE. We specialize in custom trade show booth design. We can help you create a stronger presence at your next trade show. Contact us for custom trade show exhibit design.

From concept to installation, you can depend on us for all aspects of custom trade show displays. We handle everything so you can focus on converting leads into new clients.

With our help, your large trade show exhibit can make a larger impression on attendees at a major trade show. We can create a striking design that draws attention to your booth and generates more interest in your products and services.

Standing out in a crowded exhibition is difficult, which is where we come in. The team at RISE knows what it takes to develop compelling displays and custom trade show exhibits. We deliver exceptional custom trade show booth design ideas, giving you a competitive advantage. Get a hold of us today for more details.

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Camp Chef - Large Trade Show Exhibit Services

RISE – Large Trade Show Exhibit Services

RISE is ready to create your large trade show exhibit. We are a full-service trade show exhibit company based out of Salt Lake City. Our goal is to provide exceptional service featuring the very best in design, products, and services.
We are also committed to delivering superior customer support, no matter the scale of the project or your region. We have a global network of international partners across South America, North America, along with Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, allowing us to give clients a full-service turnkey solution.

Explore our large trade show exhibit services. Our services and processes include custom trade show exhibit design, management, fabrication, installation, and storage.

Globalization Partners - Large Trade Show Exhibit Services


We work with you to create visually stunning, bespoke trade show exhibits that connect with your audience. Our designers know how to incorporate your ideas while developing an innovative, striking visual display.


Allow us to manage your trade show exhibit. We have dedicated project managers ready to help you get more out of your exhibit through proper management and promotion.


We build large trade show exhibits from the ground up. We have a skilled team of professionals capable of handling all areas of the fabrication process in-house.


We can deliver and install your large trade show exhibit, ensuring that it is fully set up for the event. This is one less hassle to deal with when preparing for a large exhibition.


At RISE, we understand that most businesses lack the space to store their exhibits, which is why we offer convenient long-term storage solutions. We can keep your large exhibit safe and secure until the next event.

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Contact Us for Large Trade Show Exhibit Design Services

Arrange a consultation to discuss your project. You can also view our featured products for examples of past work for some of our partners, which includes some of the biggest brands in the world. For all other details and questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Why Should You Design an Immersive Trade Show Exhibit Experience?
Designing an immersive experience can help create a memorable connection with your audience. You can leave a lasting brand impression by engaging with your attendees, which can also set your brand apart from the competition.
How Do Large Trade Show Displays Work?
Large trade show displays work using a combination of strategic design, innovative technology, and dependable logistics. With the right steps, a large display can create an immersive brand experience and effectively showcase products or services on a grander scale.
What Are the Biggest Trade Shows?
Some of the biggest trade shows include the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Hannover Messe, and NAB Show, all of which attract global attention. These events help showcase industry trends and cutting-edge innovations while also creating wonderful networking opportunities.
What Are the Three Types of Exhibits Used at Trade Shows?
Trade shows typically feature three types of exhibits: inline booths, island booths, and peninsula booths. Inline booths can help save space and are a more traditional choice. Island booths provide 360-degree visibility by allowing attendees to walk around all sides of your booth. Peninsula booths feature aspects of both inline and island booths.
How Much Does It Cost to Have a Trade Show Display?
The cost of a large trade show display can vary significantly depending on the booth size, the complexity of the design, and dozens of other details. Small booths may start around $25,000 while larger, custom-themed booths can cost $100,000 and it goes up to millions. Working with a reputable company, such as RISE, ensures that you get what you pay for.
How Do You Plan a Trade Show Exhibit?
You first need to define your goals and your target audience. These details help with the rest of the planning process, such as deciding on a strategy and developing ideas. For professional help planning your trade show exhibit, contact the team at RISE. We offer dependable solutions for businesses across all industries. Contact us today.
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