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A few years ago, an email was forwarded to me with a picture that caused me to laugh the moment I saw it. It was an image of a swimming pool that appeared to be even bigger than an Olympic sized pool, filled to utter capacity! It seemed to have literally thousands of people standing, splashing and playing in the pool. Think of a “Where’s Waldo” image and times that image by 20. Obviously, this pre-COVID19 scene would be virtually impossible to swim as it was standing “pool” only! A caption in the lower section of the pool, placed over one of the bathers, was the word “Marco!” Of course, on the far upper corner of the image/pool was someone with the caption saying, “Polo!” It truly was a picture worth a thousand words! That image of a pool filled with chaos made it clear that these two people would never find one another.

That image ironically serves as a metaphor for what we experience on an everyday basis. Think of all things in this world that captivate our attention and focus. A sunrise, a cell phone screen, a crying baby, a siren, a touch, a text, a smile– to name a few of the countless things that can either captivate or distract us. Everyone and everything, at some point, is vying for attention. We don’t think of it this way, but how can we stand out in a world screaming for our attention? If you’re marketing your companies goods, how do you literally and figuratively have your product or service say, “Pick me, pick me!”? In a consumer-driven world, you need to do all you can to stand out and get noticed. Rise Exhibits helps its customers do just that! Our corporate build outs and store displays both capture and demand the consumer’s attention.

There perhaps has never been a better time to evaluate your company’s current corporate display efforts! Put Rise to the test to see just how much of an ROI they can and will generate for your company’s product or service. If you feel your current store display gets lost in the “proverbial pool,” then let Rise Exhibits’ team of highly skilled experts design enhance your corporate build out and/or store display.

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