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Image Credit: Consumer Technology Association

It’s hard to believe that half the year has come and gone! Which means we are only six months away from the largest and most influential tech show in the world! Yes, the Consumer Electronics Show (commonly referred to as CES) is fully planning on holding the conference this January 6th – 9th, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, there are some changes that the Consumer Technology Association (The group that owns the rights and puts on CES each year) has shared publicly regarding the 2021 show. You can read the full details here: https://www.ces.tech/planning-for-ces-2021.aspx, but here are a few things to note for the upcoming show.

They readily admit that the show will be smaller this year than in years past. The reason being is that they recognize that fewer people will be able to travel to the United States, and for that fact alone, they believe attendance from both exhibitors and attendees might be slightly lower than usual. The association sees this as a good thing as it will allow them to create more space for social distancing.

With the tradeshow floor and displays being more spread out, we encourage you to think of the bigger picture. Allow the trade show experts at RISE help your company seize this incredible opportunity.

Keep in mind that typically trade show booth spaces (i.e., a 10 x 10 space) generally touch one another and are side by side. Based on the CTA’s information, exhibitors, will undoubtedly have space between the trade show booths.

This allows you to share your message in ways that aren’t normally possible. The design of your booth may need to be redesigned to be open and more modular. A more open design will allow easy access from the front and back of your tradeshow booth as you may very well have people come into your tradeshow space from every angle.

You may also need to think about cord/power cleanliness as most people hide power cords on the back wall where typically no one can see them. With the new layout, this also needs to be rethought and contemplated.

Yes, the show may have fewer attendees, but, if done right, you may get far more traffic and exposure because of the current situation. Let RISE help you plan your tradeshow display and exhibit for CES and other upcoming trade shows, as it will be here before you know it.

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